March 27, 2011

Saturday And Sunday

One of my favorite places to have tea is the comfy window seat nook in my bedroom. It is quite large and sunny, and after I went on a full-out-bedroom-cleaning-tear today, it was especially nice and dust free.

The nice thing about having many tea pots, tea cups, and tea accessories is that I can choose which ones I want to use based on my mood that day. Today I was feeling a bit nautical crossed with English countryside. So I chose a nautical tea pot, an Englishy plate, and a sunny yellow tea cup (rescued from Chantilly, they were just going to throw it away because it was a little worn and chipped!)

The apple fritter was a surprise treat from Mister B. He has only recently decided he likes coffee (and I only drink tea) so we don't actually own a coffeemaker. This means that he has to go across the street to the coffee shop when the mood strikes him. For some reason this time he decided to bring me home a treat! I was surprised and pleased.

The guy you see peeking in that last photo was also from Mister B. He doesn't usually buy me a ton of unnecessary things for no reason. This is good for two reasons, first: I don't really need a ton of unnecessary things, and second: it makes it extra special when he does! We were recently at the grocery store and I took a very strong fancy to this huge, cuddly, lamb. I was ranting about how cute he was and how much I loved him, and out of nowhere Mister B decided he was going to get it for me. I know it sounds silly, but I was SO excited! I had a huge smile on my face for the rest of the night. Oh and I love my lamb. He is adorable, but also quite functional as he is the perfect size for a big comfortable back pillow.

There were a bunch, but I picked the one with the wrinkliest face because I thought he was the cutest. I haven't decided what to name him yet. What do you think? Any good name ideas? He fits right in on my window seat where some of my other cuddles sit in the sun.

Speaking of sitting in the sun....

haha, Cuppa Tea will get into any position if it means soaking up those warm rays. Did I mention he also makes silly faces?

So that was my Sunday, now let's work backwards to Saturday.

I think that my nautical/English countryside feeling of today was inspired by Sarah over at A Beach Cottage. Her blog is SUPER lovely and so nice to visit. I just discovered the Saturday Club last night, but only after coincidentally having a perfect Saturday Club kid of day. The highlight of my Saturday was going to an estate sale and finding this beauty (which for those of you familiar with her blog, fits right in over at A Beach Cottage).

Lovely no? I also got this awesome vintage airline lighter still in the box, and a wonderful book about carousels. Good tea time reading!

Well that was my weekend. Hope yours was splendid too!


  1. wowza! that is one cool camera!!!!

    and I am loving loving that lemon teacup

    welcome to the Saturday Club :-))


  2. So many fun things about this post! What about Arugula for the lamb...let me's mind is mush...but I was thinking about his wrinkly Spanish Arrugada...but in my mind, I kept saying Arugula...I figured that would also be a leafy green he would enjoy eating..haha!

    Cuppa's little tongue hanging out is priceless!

  3. Reading about your Sunday tea actually made me feel more relaxed :) I have taken to carrying a tea pot around with me in the morning and afternoon -crazy?

  4. Ooh nice finds! Your lamb is adorable. And I am in love with your plate. Your nautical/English countryside goodies are making me want to watch/read Persuasion again.

    The cat face! Ha ha! Oh I can't even tell you how many fur baby photos I have on my borders on the ridiculous. :)

  5. What a cute lamb - how about Buttercup? I don't know's just the first thing that came to mind! LOL And that apple fritter...yum! What great estate finds! And that kitty face is too hysterical! Theresa

  6. Haha! The silly face is hilarious - love it! <3