May 18, 2011

Sad And Glad News

Hello dearest bloggy friends, I know it has been quite some time since I posted, it feels like forever! There are reasons though. Normally I don't like to talk about sad or serious things here because I want it to be fun and happy, but something happened that is such a big part of my life I can't not share. My beloved Cuppa Tea, who you know from the posting of many photos if you read this blog, is no longer with us. We had to put him to sleep because of severe health problems. I was pretty much devastated. As I am sure many of you furry lovers know, very close bonds are formed and it is such a hard thing to go through. I am tearing up even now writing this, essentially months later. Anyway I don't mean to be a downer I just wanted to explain why I have been gone for so long (also my semester just finished so I was spending a lot of time doing school stuff).

I had really great support from other people who I have met through blogging. Miss Vanessa was a huge comfort and knew all the right things to say as she had just gone through the same thing not that long ago. And
Lauren was so super sweet and made me a surprise painting to go with the portrait she had already painted for us. (The plaque is from the ladies at the vet's office who went through the horrible experience with me and Mister B, I think I used up a whole box of their tissues, but they were so wonderful. Isn't that sweet? If you live in Tucson and need a vet recommendation I gotcha covered!)

Thanks bunches ladies you were wonderful and really did help to make me feel better. I appreciate it so much!

Well as I said that was a while ago now, and something else has happened since then. Don't worry this is the glad part! Say hello to the newest member of our little family, Captain Malcolm Reynolds (Mal for short)!

I have been wanting a corgi for pretty much FOREVER and now just seemed like a good time, he is so cheerful! He is a little over a year old and needed a new home so we adopted him. We love him so much! I could never get a new cat so soon, but Mal doesn't really feel like a replacement. He doesn't fill the hole in my heart left by Cuppy, more like he fills his own hole that I never really realized was always there. Is that silly?

Mal's likes are long walks (those stubby legs can move surprisingly fast), playing fetch, treats, tummy rubs, and removing the squeakers from his squeaky toys with surgical precision. His dislikes are LC (actually it is more like she dislikes him and incites trouble, hopefully this will get better with time),, well he doesn't really have many dislikes. He has already gotten into some naughty adventures including jumping over our patio wall (using a planter for a boost) to chase javelinas which is not good since they have been known to kill dogs! But mostly he has been a very good boy. He is so sweet and loving and has such sad eyes you just want to give him big hugs all the time!

So that is what I have been up to! I have missed being here and hopefully will be back much more now that the summer has started. And of course here are the ubiquitous tea pictures which I can't seem to not post. A morning tea with LC getting involved as per usual.

Well I hope I didn't make you too sad, like I said I am glad to be back and I have a ton of photos to share of things that happened while I was gone, including about a bazillion of the Grand Canyon. See you soon my dears!

*heart* Alia


  1. oh i know just how your little heart and soul feels- when we lost one of our two loooooved cats, late last year, i think my husband and i cried more than the three kids!

    mal looks like he will love you and fill that hole...blessed again with a lovely member of your family...

    Melissa x

  2. Oh, I am soooo sorry, heart goes out to you and your family over this sad news :( So wonderful to have Lauren's painting to bring a smile to your lips when you view him as a sweet kitty angel.

    Mal sure looks a spunky pup! He's a cutie....and I'm so glad to hear that he is just a bundle of love....and exactly what you didn't know you were missing :)

    Btw, you make the most amazing tea settings....wish I did live close.....we could have tea together :)

    I'm sending you a great big hug...and another one,

  3. Oh my goodness! I am so so sorry for your loss. I too know how hard it is to lose a beloved furry member of the family. But what love and joy you have brought to your hearts with the addition of Captain Mal (Firefly fan here!). He is a CUTIE. I agree with Cameron, you have such lovely tea settings. Take care - sending you a big hug. Theresa

  4. So Sorry,I know how it feels to lose a fury creature...It can be so hard to deal with. Your cute doggy is your little angel in disguise;) Take Care

  5. I am so sorry again about Cuppa Tea, that is so hard to go through. I understand having pets that are family to you! I am glad that you enjoyed the painting and that I could do something to make you feel even a tiny bit better!

    Captain Mal is just adorable, and sounds like such a sweetheart! I am looking forward to hearing more about him :) Take care, Lauren