March 30, 2011

Bits And Pieces

My painting from Lauren came a few days ago! I love it in person even more than I did from the photograph. I hung it above my little dresser where I have all my jewelry.

It was wrapped beautifully.

And she even included a little extra something which made me extra happy. Thanks again Lauren! (note new stripey sheets in the background)

A couple extra pictures of my room.

A silly woodpecker drinking from the hummingbird feeder.

A cute little caterpillar.


  1. I really love your painting - looks so lovely in your room. And that little balloon girl is one of my favorites. I really enjoyed seeing all these beautiful signs of spring blooming in your yard. I adore caterpillars. Happy April! Theresa

  2. Hi!

    Ah, the Universe brings you where you need to be. Found your blog through Faerie Moon Creations, she's my Mother Moon Swap pal.

    I love that you love pirates....and beautiful things!

    Looking forward to following!

    ~Mimi Foxmorton
    Pirate Girl
    (well, and Goat Borrower, too!)

  3. Love to see where people hang their really is an adorable painting!