June 19, 2011

A Furry Friend, A Good Book, And Homemade Soup

Is there anything more cozy? Okay so maybe coziness seems silly when it is over one hundred degrees here, but inside it is air conditioned so getting cozy is still possible.

I recently read these books.

They are mysteries that take place at a Tea Museum in England. Super cute! I would definitely recommend them if you are looking for light-hearted, fun, reading. Especially if you are into all things Englishy like me!

I recently made soup for dinner (actually it was the night after the pasta in the last post) and it was so yummy and comforting. I love homemade chicken noodle soup. I did cut a few corners by buying one of those pre-cooked chickens from the grocery (because it was on sale!) and using a mix of frozen stew vegetables. However, the most important part is the noodles so I made my own which is super fast and easy! I tried to get a good photo of the soup in the pot, but the camera lens kept fogging up.

And now for an unnecessary amount of photos of my adorable Mal, as promised. I think I mentioned how he precisely and surgically removes the squeakers from any toy in roughly two minutes? Here is the carnage.

That monkey didn't stand a chance.The rest of the toy is useless now, but he still loves his monkey hands! Sometimes I buy him toys even though I know he will just dissect them immediately. It is totally worth it because he loves doing it so much and he is such a pro it is actually kind of amazing to watch.

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Appearing for one night only, I give you the highly entertaining, the truly impressive....the AMAZING MAL! (picture circus music here).

Seriously if you ever need a toy dissected send it over and Mal will take care of it in no time flat. I will even time him. It has to have a squeaker though, otherwise there is nothing to extract and no reason to operate. That is how I know my stuffed animals are safe thank goodness.

Here are a few more random ones.

Silly boy!


  1. First off I'd like to just say that I watched the 7th episode of Downton Abby and canNOT wait until it returns! I was a history major in university and am currently reading about Queen Elizabeth of the 1500's. I guess I love the mother country as well!

    Kong dog toys can last through some wear and tears, even though it's fun to watch your dog rip plush animals apart. I've worked in the pet care industry for a number of years and I'd just make sure your dog is socialized well and doesn't have that "let's tear apart anything that squeals" prey drive when it comes to toy sized dogs if he'll ever be in those situations.

    Have a good week and thanks for checking out my husband's muffin recipe. I think you might find honeycomb at more natural grocery stores like Whole Foods or Bloom, not sure what you have in AZ.

  2. Love Mal!!!! What a cutie!!!! They have some cool dog toys now that are stuffingless and quite durable. They still have squeakers in them, but you won't find clouds of fluffy white all over your home! LOL That soup looks yummy. Nothing better than homemade! :)

  3. Mal is too cute for words. My mom has a pom who does the same thing with toys. Your soup looks amazing. Especially with a nice chunk of bread. Mmm...

    I will have to check out those books. I love all things English myself.

  4. Oh, Mommy's will put up with so much for a bit of fluffy cuteness...haha! He is very, very cute, indeed...heehee!

    That soup literally made my stomach growl..haha! Cue for me to get off the computer and actually eat something!

  5. Ohhhhh he is a cutie!! My girl Coco (Chocolate Lab) is the very same with her toys.. lol! I have to make sure he has very sturdy and durable ones!

    All the doggies in our family had to go through that :( We call it the 'cone of shame' lol I hope he heals soon!


  6. We were sent a dogtoy to test. It is REALLY a Hanes tubesock (with company logo printed on it) that you insert an empty water bottle inside and tie shut. They love the crinkly plastic noise and after the bottle is wrecked you replace it. Hopefully the sock withstands a bit more play.