June 13, 2011

Breakfast, Dinner And In Between

So I don't know why exactly, but I feel like the majority of the pictures I post are of food. I can't help it! I just like the way food looks (and tastes of course) and can never resist taking pictures. So this post will have, what else? Pictures of food. My three meals of the day: Breakfast, Afternoon Tea, and Dinner. And to be fair breakfast doesn't even make it in there a whole lot.


*Things to note: That is tea not coffee in the mug, I don't drink coffee at all. No offense to people who do drink coffee of course, I just don't like the taste! If there are children reading this post be sure to not look too closely at what the bunnies on the mug are doing. Random I know. That mug lived at my parents house for as long as I can remember and it wasn't until they moved and I ended up with it that I realized what was going on there. Also, the tiny bit of glass in the top picture is another find from the Golden Goose. I had been wanting a  three-sectioned serving tray for scone condiments for a long time so I was excited to find this!

Afternoon Tea:

*Things to note: Afternoon tea counts as a meal for me because rarely do I really eat "lunch," and I pretty much always have a bit of a nosh with my afternoon cuppa. The scone in the pictures is buttermilk scallion which is the savory scone of the month from work, yum! Also newly acquired from work are little paper tea cup doilies to sop up spills. Cute, no?


*Things to note: The basil was from a friend's garden, the oregano was from my garden, the focaccia was from Beyond Bread, and the meal was simple and delicious.

And of course as promised a picture of Mal looking sad in his cone.

It is hard to carry off a name like Captain Malcolm Reynolds when you have to wear a degrading, plastic cone around your neck so that you can't lick your undercarriage! Sorry boy.

I was just looking at the photos on my camera and there seem to be quite a lot of Mal. I am definitely one of those furry parents who takes a photo every time their furry does something they think is cute (which is usually most everything). I might just have to post them all soon, so watch out!


ps. Sometimes people leave me comments saying that they would want to come have tea with me. Now I don't know if they really mean it, but believe me, I would love nothing more than to have more people than just myself to do fancy tea things for. So I am now officially inviting all of you, my bloggy friends, to come over and have tea! I know most of you live far away, but if you are ever in Tucson just let me know and I will, no joke, have you over to my house and ply you with tea and scones and all manner of other goodness until you can barely move! Okay if that sounded a little threatening it wasn't meant to. What I mean is I will show you a good tea-time!


  1. So is this a weekend meal post or a weekday meal post? If this is your normal Mon-Fri meal routine, I'm so jealous!

    My husband loves Arizona so maybe someday when we move to the US and are travelling around, I may show up at your doorstep.

    I'm actually planning a fun, maybe potluck, dinner with a few international nannies here in Sydney and will definitely blog about that. Sorta the same thing, strangers at our houses. :)

  2. To have meals that lovely would be such a luxury everyday! Good for you making your mealtimes so special!
    I think I might've been one of those who practically invited herself over...haha! You're so gracious to turn that wish into an invitation!

    Oh, and sweet Mal! You can bombard us with as many pics as you like! He's just that cute :)

  3. You arrange such elegant meals!!! :) Every placement looks like a work of art. :) Sweet little Mal - I want to kiss that adorable little face. Hope the cone comes off soon so he can smile his doggy smile once more. :)

  4. Oh my god - how much do I love it that your dog is named Malcolm Reynolds!! I was introduced to Firefly after it was already canceled and loved it! My dog is named Fox Mulder (FBI, of course). LOL I wish I did live in Tucson - I'd gladly come over for tea. I've never been invited to tea before. And I'd return the favor because I have FAR TOO MANY tea things for someone that never has tea with anyone. :)