June 01, 2011

A Mad Mint Plant And A Mad Tea Party

When this guy showed up out on the patio, I knew that madness could not be far behind!

And a few things are certainly going mad already. Remember the mint, oregano, and thyme I planted a short while ago that looked like this?

It now looks like this!!!

If that is not out of control then I don't know what is! The mint especially has become huge. (Those little spindly things you see sticking up are the tops of the garlic). I now have so much mint and not many ways to use it. If you have any good ideas for using up mint please tell me! I want to get rid of some of it, but cannot bring myself to just cut it off and throw it away. I need help!

Anyway if you too want to participate in the madness head on over to A fanciful Twist and sign up for this year's Mad Tea Party!

You know how much I love a good tea party. I cannot wait!


  1. SO happy you're taking part in the tea party! It will be so much fun. :) Your herbs are really taking off - it's so awesome to have fresh ones to use for cooking. :)

  2. hrm... for mint? 1. mojito 2. mint julep 3. champagne julep...

    i mean... what else could it possibly be good for?

    lol, joking, but i do love mint in my drinks..

    i was pretty classy last week when i actually ate the leaves off the mint sprig in my champagne julep last weekend