June 09, 2011

Country Brunch And Afternoon Tea

You know you have picked a good Mister when he goes along with all the silly things you do even though it is a total mystery to him why you do them. Mister B and I were fixing brunch and I asked if it would be okay to decant the orange juice he just bought from its bottle to a more attractive pitcher to put on the table so I could take pictures. He of course was mystified as to why this was necessary I'm sure, but didn't even bat an eye when saying he didn't mind. I guess he is just used to it by now!

Notice the adorable chicken tablecloth? I got it at the Golden Goose for two dollars! I pretty much love that place. I have pictures of other finds from there to post once they have been uploaded.

I often post pictures of my afternoon tea here, and although I know they frequently look quite similar I usually change it up some to fit my mood. That includes what tea things I use as well as what I eat (I always like to eat with my tea). I also usually have something that I am watching during tea-time as well. I thought instead of just showing pictures I would give a little more detail now and then about the specifics.

Currently Eating: Tea sandwiches. The rectangles in the photo are egg salad and the triangles are turkey with tomato, brie, and mint.

Currently Drinking: East Friesian Blend - "Blend of Assams, Sumatra, Java Teas (best with milk and sugar)." The best with milk and sugar part is definitely true, that is why I like it!

Tea Cup: Royal Albert China - The pattern is called "Rosedale"

Currently Watching: Downton Abbey - This is an awesome show that was on Masterpiece. It is kind of like Upstairs Downstairs in that it follows both the family and help of a grand English estate. I highly recommend!

If you found that interesting at all let me know and I will do it more often!

A little news on the furry front. Mal got neutered yesterday and is not happy about it. He has to wear one of those cone collars and his legs are so stubby that if he lowers his head at all it catches on the ground. He has such sad eyes anyway that it breaks my heart to see them looking out of that silly cone. I don't have a picture with the cone yet, but I will post one when I do. Don't tell Mal though, I think he might be embarrassed!


  1. i love this, live in sydney, and would love to attend a tea party/brunch looking this good! i'm glad to see you like downtown abby, it's just now airing in australia and i'm looking forward to watching it online... more please~

  2. What a gorgeous setting for brunch!! And the food looks delicious!! And, yes, you're a very lucky lady to have such an indulgent Mister! Thanks for sharing your beautiful brunch with us! :)

  3. I love these posts...but can't help getting hungry...haha!
    All your details are just wonderful :)

  4. Yum! Your brunch was a feast for the senses! (I swear I can smell sausage now)

    Oh the poor families of bloggers who must deal with our arranging for perfect photos - tee hee.

    Poor doggy! The cone of shame!

  5. What a LOVELY brunch!!!! Can I come over? LOL Everything looks delicious and wonderfully arranged upon the table. I am going to have to watch Downton Abbey - I have heard nothing but great things about it. Poor Mal - hope the cone comes off soon.