June 30, 2011

Thunderstorms And Other Things

Yay! Hooray! There was a thunderstorm last night! Okay, so it didn't really make it to our house (at least not while I was awake), but I could see the lightning over the mountains and it was lovely. I absolutely LOVE thunderstorms. I know it is dry here in Arizona and I am fine with that, but that doesn't mean I can't look forward to monsoon season. It is nice to get a little rain! Hopefully this will mean that the monsoons are not far behind.

I finally got around to visiting all the Mad Tea Parties I think, and whew there were a lot! But they were all so madly delightful! Blog parties are so much fun. It was a grand time to see what sort of things all the other partiers had in store. You can still enter the giveaway if you haven't already by checking out the last post. I will probably choose the winner on Sunday or Monday, so you still have time. Now I just wanted to share a few things that didn't make it up sooner because of the party post.

I made this frame in a class put on by my work (Chantilly Tea Room). It was so much fun to pick out all the little broken china pieces and fit them together like a puzzle to make a frame.

The photo in the frame is of my Mom in her wedding dress (on the left). You can't really see because of how small it is, but her reflection in the mirror looks eerily like me. It was also her birthday on the 25th (party day), so happy belated birthday Mom!

I also wanted to share this picture from work. This adorable couple came to one of our tea tastings in their full costumes (they are re-enacters). Aren't they awesome?!

And finally (what else) tea time!

Currently Drinking: Cream Irish Breakfast - Irish tea (black) with creamy caramel highlights. Great with milk.
This is one of my new favorite teas from work. It is really hard to explain the "cream" flavor, I don't think it really tastes like caramel at all, it is just delicious! We also have Cream Earl Grey, but I am not a huge Earl Grey fan so I like this one more.

Currently Eating: rectangle sandwiches are cucumber, triangles are chicken salad with basil and sun dried tomato cheese.


Um and here are the tomatoes I had with it, yum!

Well that is all for today, except wait, where did this picture of sleepy Mal come from?

Haha, okay that is really all. Have a wonderful day my lovelies!


  1. Hey there! I finally got through all the parties, as well. Wow! It really was fun. Your frame is just adorable. :) I so enjoy visiting your tea times - all the snacks look so good! :) Mal looks so adorable in his sleep...he's smiling! So cute! Happy 4th!!!

  2. Awww, sleeping fur baby. :)

    I love seeing broken cups and things getting used again. Always a shame to let those lovely patterns go to waste! Also, love how you used the cup handle. ^_^

    I love watching a good storm. It's been very humid here in Oregon and I'm kinda surprised we haven't had one.

  3. Your Tea Shop looks like such a fun place to work! I think I'd go back to work without my Hubby having to twist my arm, if I could find a place like that :D

    Your tea times are always so delicious! That Cream Irish Breakfast sounds perfect for me...I just adore vanilla-y, cream-y, caramel-y things!

    Mal is one cute little guy...I know I've said before...but that little smile on his face is just precious :)

  4. that tea cup mosaic frame looks fun to make! my husband and i collected sea glass from the beach the other weekend and once we find enough in shades of greens and blues, i'm going to keep them to mosaic later in the future~