August 14, 2011

A Cozy Nook And Things

I have very slowly been adding bits and pieces to my little window seat nook to make it cozy. A while ago I got some lovely little stars from Miss Vanessa who happens to be my nook inspiration (you too can get the printable treat HERE) and I hung them on ribbon in my nook along with more little lights.

I also added some pictures on one wall and a neat little shelf of bits and pieces on the other. The silhouette picture is of Mister B when he was little. It is from Disneyland!

I also added pillows, stuffed animals, and a little table with things next to the window seat.

And voila! A perfect place to read, daydream, or just take a quick nap. It will always be a work in progress of course with new things being added, but I am definitely liking it so far!

I got the little shelf at the Golden Goose thrift shop, where I also got this:

and this:

Man I love that place!


  1. What a wonderful place to hide out and let your mind wander! Love the thrigty finds, too....especially the owls. I just finished painting one myself. :)

  2. this is such a fun space! i love the pictures in the bold circular frames

  3. Lovely decorations! And so inspirational, too. :) It's important to have a special little place to hide away and get cozy in. :)

  4. Lili!!!! That owl mirror is SOOO great. So great! Good find.. Proudda you.