August 18, 2011

Afternoon And Evening Loveliness

So as I have probably mentioned many times, I work at a tea room. For someone who loves tea and all things tea related like me, this is a both a wonderful and dangerous job. The dangerous part is that I end up coming home with WAY too much stuff. But how can I resist when it is free! If something breaks like a tea cup, but the saucer is still good, or if something gets chipped, they cannot use it in the tea room anymore. It breaks my heart to see it get thrown out (to be fair a lot of it gets broken up to use for the broken china frames) so I have to adopt it!

I end up with all the little orphaned bits of china. I have about six or seven random saucers that do not have cups. Now there are a lot of things you can do with just saucers, two of my favorites being candle and jewelry holders, but recently I had an epiphany. I have all these white cups in the garage that are a similar shape to tea cups, but thicker and do not have saucers. I never used them because I always just used my beautiful tea cups. Once I realized I could pair them up with my lonely saucers, hallelujah!

So I have been using them a lot lately. Today I was feeling very bright so I had tea with a lot of pretty colored dishes.

My sandwiches were cucumber (one of the ladies at work has crazy amounts of cucumbers growing in her garden and I am reaping the rewards, huzzah!) and basil, mozzarella, and tomato (those are two different sandwiches) and my tea was Windsor Castle - black tea, toasty Darjeeling notes, Assam maltiness, lively Ceylon flavor.

I have been having some lovely evenings as well. It is funny because if I sit outside it is a summer evening, but if I sit inside with the a/c on I can get cozy and pretend that fall is on its way even though it is still super hot here and will be for quite a while. Here are both versions as well as some of the amazing clouds we have been having lately.

We even had a real proper storm tonight with rain that lasted more than five minutes, yay! Sigh, things have been lovely and happy of late.


  1. Look at that breathtaking sky! Gorgeous!

    Those cups look perfect paired with the orphaned saucers....gosh, why not?! White china is like the jeans of Dish World...they go with everything ;D

    I soooo wish I could afford to send you all the old Victoria magazines my MIL gave me. I just don't have the time or space for any more magazines...(did I just say THAT?!!)...well, I'm starting to realize I don't need to keep everything I find pretty....
    Thanks for stopping by earlier. I've missed you being around here :)

  2. What beautiful inspiration! I love how you describe tea, and I especially love how you pamper yourself with a special "me time" treat. Happy weekend to you!!! :)