September 30, 2011

Fall Feelings And The Mummy Cat

Whew, here I am! I don't know what has happened, but lately I have been going so long between posts. I am just so busy between school and work and everything (I just applied for a library job!) Maybe I just need to accept that I am not a post-multiple-times-a-week type of blogger? I want to be, but I maybe I should just aim for once a week. The problem is even though I am not creating posts I am still taking photos of things and then the posts I want to do build up and become overwhelming! Fortunately I have material for several posts (including my birthday which was like two weeks ago) and all of next week off so I will do a bunch of little posts.

A couple days ago the fall spirit just hit me. It is still in the 90s here so fall comes a bit later than for some, but I just all of sudden got into the spirit (it may have had something to do with looking at Halloween stuff on Etsy). I thought it was too bad I couldn't put up my decorations, but then I realized wait a minute it is almost October! Somehow September got away from me a bit. I didn't want to go full Halloween yet, but I did put out some of my Fall decorations on my table.

Yay! Fall/Halloween decorations make me so happy. I cannot wait to put up the rest soon. I especially love the jar candle on the table which I just got and is an amazing spicy fall scent. More updates on decorations as they go up.

And now, for those interested in seeing the infamous mummy cat found under the porch of the house my parents are fixing up, just click the "read more" link below.

Poor kitty, but also super interesting I think. And also a little creepy for Halloween!

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  1. Hooray for Halloween decorating! I actually started mine really early this year....but I have yet to begin on the outside....
    I've been waiting for it to cool off around here, too :)

    Hey, I try for once a week...and consider it special if I am able to post with fewer than 7 days in between...
    It's hard, I know...but I find it equally as difficult to check in with my extremely prolific blog buddies. I usually end up missing a post or two of theirs.

    So, there is something to be said about giving people time to swing by for a visit and a chat :) I especially love your always make things so pretty!

    Thanks for showing us the mummy cat! Wow! It looks fake it is preserved so well! I do feel sorry for the poor kitty...but what an amazing find....