October 03, 2011

Bread And Basil

I decided to make bread! I have made bread using a bread machine before, but never by hand. It was quite exciting.

Waiting for it to rise....

eating it fresh from the oven....

I had some yummy tomatoes so I made a dish from my Jamie at Home cook book to go with my bread.

I don't really make lots of dinners at home, but it is so satisfying.

The tomatoes came from Trader Joe's. What is it about Trader Joe's? I cannot go in there without ending up with a ton of stuff. I don't know if it is the packaging or what, but I am willing to spend more money on something at Trader Joe's than I would at the regular grocery store. I guess I am just a sucker for their vibe. Anyway sometimes things are actually a better deal. Like these awesome tomatoes.

They were the same price as a container of cherry tomatoes at my grocery store, but that container was bigger and the tomatoes were prettier and yummier!

I guess that is just my little love letter to Trader Joe's. I wish I could shop there more, but I spend too much money.

Here is the first dinner I had after I got the tomatoes. I also got an actual basil plant there, so I wouldn't have to keep buying little amounts of basil.



  1. Oh YUM!!!! There is nothing like fresh baked bread. :) And tomatoes and pasta...mmm. :) Everything looks so delicious and fresh. I'll have to check out that cookbook! :)

  2. ....and I just started my Low Carb diet again!
    Looks heavenly...and I bet the smell was even better!


  3. My mouth is watering justing looking at your pictures... total yumminess!