June 20, 2013


Hello Lovelies!
Just a little update on my organic produce situation. Our first box was delivered last week and let me tell you it is seriously the greatest thing ever.

It is like a happy little present all wrapped up and full of surprises.

Aside from being delivered, which means not having to go to the grocery store (hooray!)....

Everything is just so fresh and delicious.

Oh, and local!

We have already used up almost everything and it has only been a week. However I think I am still going to stick to the every other week delivery for money reasons. I might go up a box size though to have a little extra!

I can't wait for my next delivery!

I also received my new camera and let me tell you it is so wonderful. I can hardly express how happy I am to have so many settings and be able to take pictures the way I want!

I love being able to make everything so bright and filled with light.

As you can see, I have been playing with the settings a lot and am still learning how to use everything since this is by far the fanciest camera I have ever had.

Love it! Hopefully the more I practice and tinker with it, the better my photos will get. For example I took a whole bunch of photos (including the ones in this post), but when I uploaded them they looked all grainy. I finally figured out that it was because I had accidentally and unnecessarily put the ISO on the highest possible setting. Oops! 

So if anyone has any good photography tips, lay 'em on me!

Well I think that is all for now.

Oh wait, I almost forgot to tell you. We have a little family of bats living in the eaves of our patio!

Adorable, no? I just love bats.

See you soon!


  1. You were gorgeous at your beautiful wedding!!

    Love the blog changes, it looks fresh, and your new camera is doing awesome!!!

    Your hubby is a doll!

    I know several people who get those veggie organic boxes and LOVE them to pieces. So awesome! It's a win win.

    Love the horse shot especially.

    Oh oh, be careful with them bats - they carry lots of diseases. Our closest neighbor has been fighting them for 2 years. He let a couple move in and now he has hundreds.

    They fly above me all evening as the sun sets, and I like you, love seeing them flutter about.

    But, just be a little careful too ;)

    Love, V

    1. Thanks Vanessa!

      I do know about bats and their diseases so we are careful around them. I don't think they have really permanently moved in since I haven't seen them for the last couple of days. I think maybe they were just using our patio as shelter for the crucial time of bringing up the little babies. We did find one baby on the ground who didn't make it :( but the rest have seemed to fly away okay.