April 20, 2014

This Is My Jam: The Parish

I think a new goal for this blog, or possibly old goal that I have just remembered again, is going to be writing shorter and/or more focused posts.

I always get bogged down by really long posts. I go to write something and there are like a hundred photos I want to share and then it always takes for freakin' ever. That leads to me never feeling like I have time to post, which leads to longer amounts of time between posts, which in turn leads to a million things/pictures to share the next time. It is a vicious circle.

I am also going to start a semi-regular segment called "This Is My Jam." This will be a (relatively) short post on a place or thing that I really enjoy. Sort of like a "hey you should go check out this totally rad thing because I think it is totally rad" kind of post. These will of course be based only on my own opinions. No one is paying me to say nice things about them, that would require businesses actually knowing about my blog.

So let's combine the lots of short/focused posts idea and this new segment right now (yay!).

The first installment of the "This Is My Jam" semi-regular segment is: The Parish!

If you live in Tucson, AZ and have never been to The Parish please stop reading this and go there right now. It is a "southern fusion gastro pub" (their words), which in layman's terms means "deliciously awesome, slightly up-scale but not snooty-falooty, southern inspired, restaurant and bar." Even though I have never really been to the south I am currently slightly infatuated with all things "southern," especially the food. I have tried many dishes at The Parish, but I almost always get the gumbo because it is soooo tasty and comes with amazing hush puppies. (Mister B. always gets the Parish Burger and says it is his favorite burger around).

In addition to good food The Parish also has creative cocktails (they infuse their own liquors), a good craft beer selection, and the decor is sort of classy New Orleans inspired (at least based on what New Orleans is like in my mind, like I said I have never been there). All together it makes for a great package and is one of my favorite places in town!

Today Mister B., the in-laws, and I went there for Easter Brunch and it was A-MAZ-ING. Mister B. said his food was so good it made him mad that he wouldn't be able to eat it again (they had some special menu items just for the brunch). He had braised pork belly with a poached egg and duck fat potatoes.

I had an onion quiche with demi glace and greens.

The in-laws had a seafood pasta and rabbit! Eating rabbit on Easter seems fitting, but also slightly morbid. I had never tried rabbit before, but I had a bite and it was quite tasty (sorry little guy).

It was easily the best Easter brunch we have ever had, and they have up-coming special events for Mother's Day and Father's Day!

To check out The Parish's website click here. If you are ever in Tucson I highly recommend trying it out, you won't regret it!

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PS. Oh hell, I almost forgot to share dessert! It was a coconut cream cake in a smoked white chocolate eggshell. They literally put the chocolate in their smoker so it tasted sooo smoky. Smoky flavored things are one of my faves, so needless to say I definitely enjoyed it!

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