April 14, 2014

Well, Here We Are

Well I am back. Again.

Part of the reason I was gone is I have been insanely busy, part of the reason is I was just feelin' down on my blog and didn't have much interest in writing in it. While I tried valiantly (at least that's what I tell myself) to revamp it to a state of awesomeness, sometimes you just gotta call in the pros. 

There will be more to come soon on what I have been up to (hint, it involves roller derby), but this little post is to tell you about my friend Cameron. Cameron (that is him on the right up there) is a man of many talents, and luckily for me one of those talents is kick-ass-blog-designy-skills. You might know these skills as graphic design. He helped me (and by helped I mean he pretty much did everything) get this blog ship-shape and into a state where I no longer felt like I wanted to throw something at the screen whenever I looked at it.

In addition to the web elements he drew the corgi logo and teapot himself! So cute right? Anyway I love what he did and I hope you do too, and I hope will you come back again now that I plan on posting here more. You can check out more of Cameron's work and contact him at Lovely Line Design.

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Ps. I forgot to mention! Cameron is also in a rad band called Ryanhood (see, man of many talents), hence the photo at the top of this post. Check them out and enjoy!


  1. Alia, it looks amazing, I am sooo glad you have returned! And the dog jumped over the moon, love it!!!!!!

    ps: Cameron rocks

    1. Thanks Miss V! I may have showed him your blog as one of the blogs to use for inspiration ;)