September 29, 2014


This weekend I went to the annual Oktoberfest up on Mt. Lemmon. It was cloudy, and foggy, and downright chilly. Oh hallelujah! Finally a taste of real fall and some photos of my own to add to the Pinterest board in the last post.

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  1. Oh, what a glorious time you must have had in those enchanting mountains. Thank you for sharing the photos, as Miss Vanessa directed me here. So glad I came!
    Ah, me too. Those blogs that are so perfect, Shabby Chic, etc. they aren't me either. Sounds like you a kindred spirit, loving all sorts of nerdy stuff too! Ha!
    I will come by more often.
    Have a lovely rest of the day!

  2. Fun Blog! Cool Photos. Hope you'll fly by my Are You A Good Or Bad Witch? Halloween Party & Be Blessed with powerful Wiccan Wishes... Enchantingly Yours, Lyndy Ward >^..^<