December 13, 2009

The Colors! (and apple juice)

I was watching Martha recently and she shared a wonderful product that I thought would be so fun to receive. It is a colored pencil of the month club, every month you get sent a set of colored pencils, and all together there are 500 different colors! They are each beautiful and creatively named. Is it just me or is getting something in the mail each month so great! (I was once in a tea of the month thing and it was so exciting to be surprised with a new tea every time). Anyway to check out the pencils go here. Wouldn't they make a splendid gift for someone like Miss V. whose birthday was on Friday? Or any other artist? Or anyone at all for that matter? I mean who doesn't like colored pencils!

To see this and more original artwork 
from the site go Here. 

On a totally unrelated note, I am obsessed with Simply Apple Juice, it is so delicious and really does taste like an actual apple. It just has a crispness that is unbeatable. It is a little more expensive than regular, not as good juice, so sometimes I buy it for myself as a treat. If you have never tried it you are definitely missing out!

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