December 10, 2009

More Hotel Photos And A Sweet Little Garland

So one of my new favorite blogs to read recently belongs to Vanessa Valencia. She posted a wonderful idea for the sweetest little garland made from cotton balls and embroidery thread. It was so cute, and I already had the materials, so I decided to give it a go! Here are the pictures of how it turned out (my camera is not the best so sorry about the blurriness).


Don't you love it? I do! And I am too poor to buy any Christmas decorations so all I had was the lights until this adorable garland came along to liven things up. Thank you Vanessa for sharing your creative ideas and encouraging others to try them! If you want the directions on how to make this just go here.

In the last post I shared some pictures of a cute bathroom in Hotel De Haro at Roche Harbor. I have more pictures from the hotel to share today!

This is the outside of the hotel.

You can only kind of tell from this photo, but the
upstairs floors were wildly slanted, it was so funny!
I guess that is what happens when you are really old,
it was built in 1886.


This was left exposed so you could see the old
original walls of the hotel.

This tree outside was so pretty!

Well that is all of the hotel, we weren't staying there so I didn't get any pictures of the insides of the rooms. However, I do have many more pictures of the gardens and other things from the trip which I will probably post soon. It is cold and I don't have many fun things to take pictures of now, so I will just keep sharing old fun pictures that I never got around to posting over the summer!


  1. OH I LOVE IT! You did dso goooood!

    And I want to live in that hotel ;)

  2. Note my link mistake in the comment above, tee heee!!