February 16, 2010

Valentinsey Day Things

Happy belated V-day everyone! I had such a nice Valentine's this year. On Saturday night (I had to work Sunday night so we couldn't do it then) Mister B and I continued our Valentine's tradition of getting dressed up all fancy and then going out for a sit down dinner at Pizza Hut! I know it sounds silly, but it is so much fun. We love pizza and it is really fun to dress up and then go somewhere where you wouldn't normally dress up to go.

I decorated some for the holiday, going out and buying myself presents in order to do so. I bought red candles that smelled great, Valentine's candy, and a pretty little pink plant in an adorable pot. Here are some pictures of my attempt at arranging them on the table.









On Sunday we made a yummy brunch. I made crepes with strawberries and cottage cheese, Mister B made bacon. I just ate crepes (I don't really like bacon that much), he ate a few crepes and all the bacon (he loves bacon). It was my first time making crepes and I think they turned out quite well!





Then, late in the evening on V-day I took a relaxing bath with bubbles and fizzies and all matter of goodness. I even moved the little TV into the bathroom so I could finish watching Pride and Prejudice while I was in the tub. 






Ahhhh....all in all, quite a nice time indeed.

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