August 17, 2010

Apron Love

I love aprons it is true. I love aprons how 'bout you? I have always wanted to share my apron collection (okay so there are only four, anything above three is a collection in my opinion, and besides I am working on it!), but have never gotten around to it. Then when I was over at French Garden House an awesome giveaway inspired me! First let's talk about the giveaway because I know you want to win this lovely apron.

Soooo cute! I want it most definitely. Anyway for all the details of the giveaway just go HERE.

Okay now on to my aprons. Sorry the pictures aren't the best, I was just in a hurry to share!

This is the one I use the most because I care the least if it actually gets really dirty.

This is the one I use the most if I want a half apron. I love the color.

This is my holiday one.

This is my favorite! I adore everything about it, the floral print, the ruffles, the green buttons....

So nice.

I am hoping to collect more, this is only the beginning my friends!

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