August 19, 2010

White & Lilacs

(Tea & Perfume)

*Note: If this post is long and boring and you are thinking about not reading all of it, just skip down to the link at the bottom. I wouldn't want you to miss it just because it is last!

It is strange how I can be such a homebody and have wanderlust at the same time. I yearn to travel, yet I love to stay at home. I think the difference is, my desire to roam only applies to far away places, or at least places that require a trip. I really love to travel anywhere outside of where I live, but when it comes to the town I live in, I generally just want to stay at home. Mister B does not. He gets restless and wants to go on little outings all the time. I on the other hand usually don't really want to go on outings more than I want to just do things around the house. Of course this doesn't apply all the time, but I would say most of the time. Maybe the best situation for me would be to have a home that travels with me. Like a richly adorned gypsy wagon, or the people at this wonderful blog recently, or, and I think this would be best of all, a boat.

But enough about my gypsy dreams, this was supposed to be how I love to be at home.

One of the things I love to do at home (and do almost every day) is have afternoon tea. Today I was feeling in a white sort of mood so I used all my white dishes.

I don't usually use this tea pot because it is a little large for one person. I would love nothing more than to have people over for afternoon tea, alas it doesn't really happen because I don't know that many people, and the ones I do know don't like tea. Would you like to come over for tea? You are welcome any time!


It turned out that another unintentional theme of today (besides white) was  lilacs! Lilacs are my favorite flower and somehow they snuck in a lot today. This is the tea cozy I used. My mom made it for me!

This is a book I was looking at during tea time.

And this was from the Victoria magazine I was reading.

Also from Victoria, not about lilacs, but also appropriate.

And the strangest thing is that I put my lilac perfume on this morning. I wore this perfume all the time for a while, but once it started to get low I wanted to save it, so I don't use it as much. I just happened to feel like it today! I guess it was just a lilac sort of day.

While we are on the subject of perfume. Like I said, I never really cared much about perfume, I just picked one that I liked and wore it all the time. Lately though I have really been enjoying having different scents to suit my different moods. It is fun getting up and deciding what sort of smell I am feeling like that day. Because of this I am slowly accumulating different perfumes, and want more!

Here is what I have now.

Okay that last picture isn't perfume I just really love that little bathtub!

Where I really want new perfumes from is Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. Ooooh boy have I ever been drooling over their site. They have TONS of different scents and many of them are distinctly Gothic/Victorian/eerie/unusual (be sure to check out their new Halloween collection), which may not be obvious from this blog, but is right up my alley. The only problem is there are so many ones I want, how would I ever decide?! Seriously, go there, and if you want to get me one *wink* I wouldn't say no!

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