August 15, 2010

Lovely Day

I wasn't really going to post today because I thought nothing interesting would happen, but when I woke up I found this note on my computer.

Mister B left it there for me! He knows that one of the first places I go when I get up (after watering the plants on the patio) is to check my email, and perhaps check certain of my favoritest blogs for updates? Yes indeed I have to admit I am slightly blog addicted. 

I was so excited, so I quickly ran to the refridgerator to see what yummy thing could be there. I spotted it right away....

My wonderful mister had stopped on his way home at 7 in the morning (he has been working the night shift) just to get me a special brunch to go with my tea since he knew we didn't have much in the house. What a guy! And boy does he ever know me well, cheese, salami, watermelon, and a delicious smoothie all awaited me.

So tea time it was!

All that was needed? A few lovely magazines to read.

If you look closely you can see a Bookman's sticker on the magazine. I got all these magazines from Bookman's for just a few dollars. If you have never been there and have one nearby I highly recommend it. You can get used (but good condition) magazines for way less than the retail price, and they often even have the most current issues! Oh and of course wonderful amounts of books too.

Oh the whole thing made me so happy I needed to share. Thank you mister!

I was also excited about the day because I wore a dress that I got a while ago at a used clothing store, but have barely worn. I forgot how adorable it is. And the best part has pockets! I just love dresses and skirts with pockets don't you? It is one of my favorite things.

The last amazing thing about today is there were/are CRAZY thunderstorms. I mean we get a lot of thunderstorms here since it is monsoon season, but this one was HUGE, with torrential rain and so much lightning and thunder. So awesome. Did I mention thunderstorms are one of my favorite things? I think I probably did several times. Anyway they started this afternoon and I can still hear loud claps of thunder as I am writing this. There was even a lightning strike on the mountains behind where we live and it started a fire! The rain put it out thank goodness, but it was pretty crazy. I don't have a picture of today's storm, but here is an enlarged and cropped version of a lightning picture I have posted before.

Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

Hope your day was as lovely as mine!

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  1. Thank you so much for entering our APRONGIVEAWAY. What a sweet sweet Mr. B! That's such a great way to start your day. xo Lidy