August 14, 2010

Birthday Balloons And Baking

Yesterday was special because it was Friday the 13th, and Mister B's birthday! We spent the day doing all the things he wanted to do.
Bacon for breakfast.

Playing with the furries.

 Pizza for lunch.

Driving all over Tucson to go to various places he likes.

Balloons! (Okay so the balloons were more my idea, but he went along with it)

And finally having drinks at home while watching a few favorite shows.

He said it was a great birthday and I had a fun time too.

On the way home there was an amazing, perfect for Friday the 13th, moon. It was a huge orange crescent just above the horizon. I would have paid money to be able to take a good picture of that moon, but sadly, no picture. You will just have to take my word for it that it was seriously awesome.

Today I was in the baking mood and decided to make a recipe from this book that I got at the library.

The recipe is for shortbread crescents and goes with the book Bee Season, which if you haven't read you definitely should because it is a great book!

Yum! They turned out pretty well, despite the fact that the flour I was using was super old. Can flour go bad? They don't taste bad because of it at least.

I wanted to play more with the balloons that we got yesterday, but they had already lost their helium and wouldn't float anymore.

Oh well, they are still cute! Hope you had a great Friday the 13th too!

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