August 12, 2010

Book Love

(Favorite Things)

As you may have noticed, I love books. A lot. I think you can tell much about a person by seeing what kind of books they own and/or choose to read. So I decided to post some pictures of my bookshelves! I actually got the idea from sneaking looks over Mister B's shoulder when he is on the computer (don't tell him I said so, he hates when I do that) and noticing that sometimes on the forums he goes to, people post pictures of their comic book/graphic novel or DVD collections (he likes to spend his money on both those things). Anyway, that's a great idea (thought I)! So I decided to do the same thing on my blog. These aren't all my books, just some of my favorites, I hope you enjoy!

I love all my books so much and would be happy to answer any questions about them! I also decided to show what books I am currently reading in my sidebar, so look for that if you want to know more about what I like.

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