August 28, 2010

Corgis And Rainbows

Happy Tasha Tudor Day!

Tasha was a wonderful lady and I love many of the same things as her. Especially tea and corgis! Corgis are my favorite kind of dog and someday I will definitely own one.

So cute!

Anyway to celebrate I had a nice tea today (okay so I usually do that anyway) and looked at one of the books I have had forever.

This book was and still is very special to me since I have had it for so long. I am sure it is very special to a lot of people since it is a Tasha Tudor classic.

It was given to me for my birthday by the daughters of the lady whose daycare I went to. They were my friends, but older than me. It still has their notes in it!

I guess it was my third birthday.

So lovely.

Also, the weather did some special things today and I would like to think it was in honor of Tasha.

Did you do anything to celebrate Tasha Tudor Day? Are you curious to know more about her? Go here.


  1. Happy Tasha Tudor day. It looks like it was a special day for you. Thank you for joining in. Clarice

  2. Happy Tasha Tudor Day to you! I know it's Sunday, but I celebrated Tasha Tudor Day at my blog yesterday and I'm still making the rounds today to everyone else's blog.

    I loved your post. It's so beautiful that you still have A is for Annabelle that was given to you when you were only three. That is incredibly special. And you still have the card. What a lovely memory.

    Your photos of the rainbow and the clouds opening up to see the sunshine come through are gorgeous. What a meaningful way to celebrate Tasha. Thank you so much for this post. And your blog is wonderful, too.

    I hope you can drop by and visit me over at CluckleBees, too.

    May you have a very lovely Sunday,

  3. Loved your post. I have tea every day also. I love that book, I don't have it but my dd does. It is a delightful one. Last year I read a bunch of her children's books that I had never read before. Thanks for participating. Linda

  4. Fabulous Tasha Tudor post! I hope you might come visit with me and read my humble post:
    Sincerely, Theresa

  5. Those pics. of the sky are stunning!