September 01, 2010

Breakfast For Dinner!

Does anyone else like breakfast for dinner? I know I do. In fact I like it better at night than I do in the morning usually. When Mister B is working and not home for dinner I make things that I like, but that I know he wouldn't want. Tonight I decided to make quiche. Mini quiches to be exact. With spinach and cheese, yum!

It was my first time making quiche and they came out pretty darn good! The only thing is I think I would bake them for a bit longer next time. They could have been slightly more done, but were still yummy. 

Here is the recipe I used.

It is from this book. I love this book.

I also made maple sausage and mimosas to go with the quiches.

Since I used  pre-made refrigerated pie crust I had scraps left over. I didn't want to waste the scraps so I baked them with a little cinnamon and sugar, a nice treat for desert.

Add a little candlelight and voila, a nice relaxing breakfast for dinner for one.

The last few days were kinda stressful. I was really busy with class (hence the lack of posts) and some other things happened, so I needed to relax.

I am having a good night, and I hope you are too!

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