August 27, 2010

Raindrops And Teapots

Yesterday was dreary and rainy almost the whole day, which is unusual for here in AZ. Sure we get rain this time of year, but it is usually big thundery monsoon storms. This was more just know...rain. It was actually quite nice in a friendly, remind me of home, sort of way. See, back in Oregon when it rains like that for most of the year, not so pleasant. But here, it is a nice change. Don't get me wrong I love all the sun, that's why I came here after all! I just like a little rain and lots of sun, not the other way around.

Um so I got a little rambley...what was I saying? Oh yes, it was a rainy day and on top of that I wasn't feeling my best (are you ever really sore for no reason?), so I lazed around. I just love to laze on a rainy day don't you?

I sat on the window seat so I could watch the rain and read.

Some other people, and by people I mean furries, sat with me.

They wanted to watch the rain too. LC stood on my book to get a better view out the window. Never mind that I was trying to get a picture of it.

Okay here is a real picture of my new book! (Well it is actually used, but new to me.) I just love anything Victorian.

Something else new is a teapot I found in the cupboard. We are living in Mister B's parents' house and they are living in our apartment in Oregon for a while (it is a pretty sweet deal). Anyway it is their teapot that I discovered, but they don't drink tea so I am sure they won't mind me adopting it!


It is definitely a change of color pace from my other tea things and I love it! Red is such a great color. It inspired me to use some of my other things that I don't use as often because they went with it better.

There are LC's feet again! Hmm, that seems to be a theme with this post. Whenever tea is being served, she is not far away!

The weather also made me want a tea that I haven't had since I have been here. It is a cinnamon plum flavor, very good for rain and snow and the holidays, not so good for hot sunny days. Today it just felt right, so I brewed up a pot.

I love getting new tea related items. Sometime I really need to share all of them since they are all together on shelves. A nice little collection. However, that is a post for another day!

ps. Don't forget tomorrow is Tasha Tudor's birthday! (There is a button on my side bar.) If you think she is great, post something. If you don't know much about her, check her out here, she was a pretty awesome lady!

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