August 22, 2010

Off To Slumberland

Since Mister B has been working the night shift, he has had a pretty crazy sleep schedule. And even though I don't HAVE to have that schedule too, for some reason my sleep has gotten off. I think it is because (and don't laugh now) sometimes it is hard to get to sleep when he is not there. I don't mean not there in the bed, I mean not there in the house. We just moved here (well not too long ago) and so I am not used to all the house noises yet. When he isn't here watching TV downstairs or something, the house is just so quiet. I am sure I will get used to it. Anyway, I need to because my fall classes start next week and I would really love to be on some sort of normal sleep schedule. This is all explanation for why I am writing this right now at 1:55 AM. I have a bit of excitement, well exciting for me anyway, that involves oh so yummy postcards which I will share soon/tomorrow/technically later today. In the meantime I just felt like a quick post before bed.

Do you accumulate things on your nightstand? I do, no matter how much I try to keep it uncluttered. But it is okay with me since it is never trash or dirty dishes, just things I love. Here is just one part of it.

ps. If you notice any dust, just pretend like you didn't and I will continue to pretend like I do not realize it is dusty.

pps. Goodnight, or possibly, since not everyone will be reading this in the middle of the night when I am writing it, good morning my dears.

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