December 05, 2010

Christmas Tea & Jamie Oliver

Dear Cooking Channel,
Thank you so much for bringing Jamie Oliver back into my life!

I used to watch Jamie's show Jamie At Home all the time when it was on. he is absolutely my favoritest chef! He is super funny and charming, and the setting that he cooks in on his shows is his own adorable English cottage. I was quite sad when they stopped airing his show, but now, thanks to the new Cooking Channel, he is back! He has a series on right now called Jamie's Family Christmas, and it has all the wonderfulness of his old show, with the added magic of the holidays. I am just so happy about it!

It is also the perfect thing to watch while drinking Christmas Tea.

During their holiday open house I bought two new teas from Island Tea Company: Christmas Tea and Midnight Celebration. The Christmas Tea is basically Christmas in your mouth, it has yummiest aroma and taste of cinnamon, cloves, and orange, basically all the smells that remind me of Christmas. The Midnight Celebration is delicious too, it smells exactly like eggnog, but tastes much milder, more like vanilla.

Since it was for their open house they also included free samples and gifties, yay!

And speaking of eggnog, I now work at Chantilly Tea Room, which is the cutest English style tea room here in Tucson, and I love it! Anyway they have eggnog scones for the holidays, and let me tell you they are soooooo good. I brought some home to have with my Christmas Tea today.

It was perfectly festive with red and green.

And did you notice a few twinkling lights in the background? I am getting in the spirit and putting up my holiday decorations! Including the cotton ball garland I made last year from the tutorial over at A Fanciful Twist, thanks Vanessa!

Oh also, did you see the sugar bowl on my tea tray? I recently got a matching set of sugar bowl and creamer at Goodwill for fifty cents each! I was so excited, I love the color.

Thrifting is the best.

So that was me getting in the holiday spirit today. How about you? Are you starting to feel the magic?


  1. Nothing goes better with tea than scones! Yum! The Cooking Channel is just as addictive as the Food Network, I've found. What a cute cotton ball garland - have you made Vanessa's cotton ball tree yet? :) Theresa

  2. ~pumpkin tea...oh so lucky are you...they sound absolutely divine!!! i adore jamie oliver...wonderful...everything about him...and congrats on your job...i can only imagine the atmosphere of such...calm and quite...people taking time out from the busyness of the day to simply be and enjoy a cup of tea...wishing you a wonderful holiday season ahead...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  3. Ooh, that Christmas tea sounds lovely! Congratulations on the job too! Surprisingly I have never been there, I will have to check it out sometime :) ~Lauren