January 12, 2011

Tea And Vintagey Goodness

First I wanted to share my tea from today because I got some new things, yay! All from the tea room I work at of course.

A cute chicken creamer.

Drip catchers for my teapot! So classy.

Scones from work and jam and Devon cream to put on them. (The chocolatey looking things are rum balls that I made.)

A certain lap monster knew she was going to get a treat.

Tea choice today was Monk's Blend: black tea with vanilla and grenadine flavor, yum.

Now on to the store Toni (see last post) works and sells stuff at. I think the photos speak for themselves.

So lovely right?! I could (and did) spend hours looking at everything. And the best part is usually really cute stores are super expensive, but everything there was so reasonably priced I could buy lots of things, and I am a poor student! So if you are ever in Redmond, Oregon, The Back Porch is definitely worth a visit.


  1. Your tea looks amazing and your kitty is adorable. I wish I was closer to Oregon so I could visit that shop, it looks amazing.

  2. Your tea tray is fab! I would do tea & treats like that daily.

    The store is gorgeous. Might be worth a road trip!

  3. Oh, how I love to sit and relax with a good cup of tea and a tasty scone with all the trimmings! Blast my low carb diet!!! I have to say, though, that if I had all those lovelies to look at, and had a tray like that at home...the diet would have to start over tomorrow...heehee!
    ....and good (kitty) company is always a nice touch to any tea party :)

  4. Your tea party set up is wonderful. What delicious treats and even something yummy for kitty. :) Toni's store looks dreamy - it would be so much fun to visit! Theresa