August 21, 2011

Faeries, Gypsies, And Furry Friends

Hello hello! I am going on another trip tomorrow and so will be gone for a while, but I wanted to do one last post before I go.

First of all there are two upcoming parties I am super excited for! The Practical Magic Blog Party and the Gypsy Dreams Blog Party. The links for both are on my sidebar so check them out they should be super fun! I think for the gypsy one I am going to decorate my nook even more and pretend it is my own little gypsy wagon. Here is what it looks like now:

What sorts of fun things can I do to make it more gypsylicious?

Do you ever feel like your plants grow so much overnight that something must be helping them? Sometimes I think just maybe, if I sneak out at night and watch my plants, I might see fairies coaxing them upwards.

You see I had this little white pumpkin left over from last Halloween. It had just been sitting in the house, but before we went on our trip to California I was cleaning and when I went to pick it up it collapsed in my hand. Even though it looked perfectly nice on the outside it was all rotty on the inside! I thought to myself of how Vanessa talked about how she planted her rotted pumpkins a while ago and now she is the pumpkin queen! So I said what could it hurt and threw my little guy into a pot out on the patio. However, almost immediately I realized that it should be in the biggest pot and so I moved it over. I watered it and went off on my trip. When I got back I found this in the original pot I had put the pumpkin in!

A seed must have escaped and not been moved to the larger pot. There was loads of rain while we were gone and it had grown like the dickens! I mean that has to be magic right?

I am not sure why but the other ones did not grow as quickly. Maybe they were buried deeper or something, but they are only just now starting to sprout.

I hope soooooo much that I can manage to get some pumpkins to grow. Eek, I would be super excited!!

Speaking of fairies some of them must live here right?

Have you ever read the children's book Mushroom in the Rain? It used to be one of my favorites when I was a kid and I still have my old copy. I am pretty sure this might be THE mushroom from the book.

I love growing things.

And I love my furries too! They are so silly.

Hope you have a great week. I will be back after my trip home to Oregon with lots to share I am sure. I get to go camping, yay!


  1. Camping in Oregon, you say?! Oh, we must swap stories of Campgrounds and favorite haunts when you return...heehee!
    Enjoy yourself....we'll be missing you (again) ;P

    Would be so fun to have yourself some pumpkin babies to collect! That nook would look awesome as a Gypsy Den!

  2. Oooo i see you have a mad hatters event coming up..we are currently doing a mad hatters exhibition....always a great theme.

  3. Your little 'nook' is just divine, and so perfect for a gypsy party...I hope to join in too, if I can manage the time - we'll see - but I look forward to coming back to visit x

  4. You're right - I do think faeries must live in those mushrooms! I'm not familiar with the book you mentioned, but I'll definitely check it out. Can't wait for the Practical Magic Party! And I'll have tons of fun checking out everyone's gypsy posts. :)

  5. Your little gypsy nook looks amazing!! And your pumpkin plants look wonderful, I hope you get some pumpkins soon! Love the pictures of the fuzzies too, so adorable :) Hope you are having a wonderful trip! ~Lauren