September 05, 2011

Gypsy Winds And Garden Dreams

Last night there was one of those winds. You know the kind that ride at the front of a storm? That are wild and warm and whisper of gypsy magic and wanderlust? It got me extra excited for the Gypsy Dreams party coming up soon! I have started school, but I hope I have time to do something fun for it.

I have been gone for a bit because I went on a trip, got back, and then only had a few days before I went on another trip! My first trip was to Oregon. The main reason was to get my driver's license renewed, but that was just a good reason to go visit my parents and go camping, yay! Anyway my parents are currently living in the rental they own while fixing up the house that they bought after they sold our old house (pictures of this later). At the rental my mom has created a super lovely garden and I so enjoyed picking fresh fruits and vegetables while I was there.

The weather was so beautiful I had tea out on the patio with a view of the garden. It was heavenly.

There was sun tea too!

Also I need your assistance! So I have told the tale of how I planted a pumpkin and then moved it, but in the original pot one pumpkin plant still grew. I thought that all the sprouts in the other pot were pumpkins too, but now that they are getting bigger they do not seem to be looking like the other pumpkin plant. So I ask you, do these sprouts look familiar to anyone? Are they pumpkins, are they not, what are they?!


  1. Welcome back, Alia!
    That garden looks as wonderful as I bet the harvest tasted! I adore Oregon! Truly!

    And your fantastic tea set-up! You are just too cute!!

    Those plants kinda look like lamb's ear to me?

  2. Alia, what a trip!! Your family garden is amazing!!!

    I love your gypsy nook below too, brilliant!

    Okay so, I often have some of those little plants in my garden too. They are not pumpkins for sure.

    They look to me, from this sort of vantage point.... Calendula, some form of desert sage, or the beginning of black eyed susans?

    They could also be desert weeds, which I quite like ;)

    Let's wait and found out, warmest, V

    (not like we have any other choice, tee hee, can't wait to see what they become)

  3. Wait, do they look like succulents?

  4. I think I have seen similar shoots here and that is all they become.