October 11, 2011

Birthday Part II And Other Things

So here are a few more pictures from my birthday as well as other things that happened around that same time. Why do I always seem to be so behind on sharing the pictures I want to share?


Mal was not a fan of having them tied to him (ignore all the shoes lying around please).

Birthday presents I bought myself:

I have been wanting a black tea cup for forever and this one was really inexpensive at Chantilly!

The tea book on the left was from my parents. The one on the right was from me.

Yummy things:

These honey pearls are also from work. They are delicious and pretty for tea.

A bird who wanted to come inside:

This might not be as funny to everyone else, but when I flip through all these pictures in a row in my viewer (I don't know how to make it do that on here) it is so silly! Mal is such a cutey.

Well that is just a bit more, but I am still behind. Hopefully I will get another post in before this weekend when I will be gone. I am going to a Jimmy Buffett concert in Vegas! Whoo!


  1. looks like you had a great birthday! your dog is adorable!!!

  2. Mal is a cutie. He looks like a kid with that "Mooooom, are you done taking pictures, yet?" face :)

    Ooooo, black tea cup.....so pretty...and perfect for Halloween tea!
    Great presents!

  3. I'm a firm beliver in buying one's self birthday gifts. :o) Your tea cups are beautiful and I bet the tea tastes all the better in them becasue they are so pretty.
    Have a blast in Vegas.
    Always, Queenie
    P.S. Is that a wee quail peeking in?

  4. Hi,
    I'm still visiting blogs from the Gypsy Dreams Party - am I behind or what?? Anyway, love your birthday presents, your doggie is adorable (to me all dogs are adorable). I saw Jimmy B in Camden this summer. Have fun! (Fins to the left . . .) Love, Linda

  5. Gorgeous photos! Looks like you had such a lovely birthday. Mal is adorable. Truly a cutie. :)

  6. Okay...now I very much want a black tea cup! :)

  7. Happy belated Birthday -- great to hear that it was a good one! :)