November 21, 2011

Javelinas And Thank Yous

We had one pumpkin left after Halloween that we hadn't carved and it was still sitting out in front of our house until....

I realized what was happening because Mal was super restless so I thought he needed to go out. When we got to the front walk I noticed that the pumpkin was gone and I could see little wet hoof prints (it had rained). I made Mal go back inside because he freaks out around javelinas and then went back out to spy on them. They were so cute I didn't mind that they were having my pumpkin for dinner! They stole a neighbor's pumpkin too, that is why there are two in the photo.

So I have two huge-tastic thank yous to say today! One is for Cameron who helped me freshen up my blog. You may have noticed my new header. Isn't it great?! She was nice enough to make it for me!! (it probably didn't hurt that I bribed her with tea and stuff). Anyway, I love it! Thank you soooo much! I will probably change the background and colors and such eventually to go with it, but I don't think it looks too shabby with what is already there.

My second thank you is to the awesome Theresa. I won the giveaway for a great tea cup over at her blog. I was so excited about just the tea cup, but when the package came there was so much more!

Holy smokes! I was delighted. I love every bit of it! I am wearing the lovely necklace right now. And the tea cup is perfect for fall and fills a hole in my collection because I didn't really have any good fall ones. Thank you!

<3 Alia


  1. OOOooo...that teacup is so cute...what a wonderful bounty she sent along!

    You are so welcome. I was more than happy to help out on the banner front....I love it, too!
    The real treat for me was getting to go back through your blog...back before I started following you...and get to know more of who Alia is....I really like that girl ;P
    Of course...I do take bribes and not afraid to admit it...haha! Thank you very much!

    And to have javelinas so close....kinda scary? Are they as aggressive as their warthog cousins?
    Just couldn't resist your yummy pumpkin :)

  2. What beautiful treasure you received!! Enjoy!!
    I love javelinas, they are such fun creatures, exclusive to the south west U.S.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  3. I am loving the new look here! It's fresh and bright - three cheers to Cam! I am so excited that you like all your goodies. That tea cup looks SO pretty on your lovely blue tray. Enjoy all your treats - I am so happy you won them! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!