November 13, 2011

Soup, Bread, And An Etsy Sale

Things I accomplished today:
-wrote a paper
-took down Halloween decorations
-made a delicious loaf of bread
-made the most cobbled together soup ever

I am actually pretty proud of my soup. I had two little sugar pumpkins hanging out. I had one red onion. I roasted them and then added them to some garlic sauteed in butter. I didn't have any plain chicken broth, but I did have a can of chicken and vegetable soup, so that went in the pot. A little, milk, salt, and pepper. A few wazzes with the immersion blender (my first time ever using it, yay!). And viola, one yummy, albeit random, pumpkin soup!

All in all it was a very pro active day!

So I am totally tired of my blog's look. I want it to be prettier with a cute header or background or something. I know you can download free ones, but I want something simple, but personalized to my blog. I have neither the time nor skills to do this so I am asking for help. I know a lot of you out there have cute blog stuff that you made yourself and I would be willing to trade art and or tea stuff for some assistance! If you are interested please let me know.

Also, everything from the buried series in my Etsy shop has been marked down ten dollars! and on top of that, if you use the coupon code PIRATES you will get free shipping on anything! Seriously, I just want to get some of that stuff out of there.


  1. Hi Alia!
    That is a productive day! Still cleaning up the last remnants of Halloween here, too.....the house looks so bare here and all the dustbunnies and cobwebs don't look like they are part of the decor anymore...haha!

    Aw....bread and pumpkin soup! We have a small pumpkin still...though, I don't know if my daughter will let me butcher it.....maybe if I appeal to her odd sense of macabre she'll help me transform it into dinner....thanks for the idea! I'm currently on my low carb plan right now, no bread for me *sniff*

    My computer skills are very humble, but I do make my own Blog and Etsy banners. I'd be more than happy to help fashion a little something for you, if you like....I still use freebie backgrounds, but I find ones that match the colors or feel of the banner I made. Did you see my Halloween one? That one was my fave....might resurrect it again next year....haha!
    Anyhoo, I hope someone more skilled comes along with a better offer...but, my hand is extended if you need it :D

    Have a great week!

  2. the food looks great,how perfect for the weather we have been having!