November 08, 2011

More Dia de los Muertos And More Halloween!

Here are a few more Halloween photos that were on my camera. These are all from actual Halloween on which I stayed in, ate jack-o-lantern shaped pizza, watched Sleepy Hollow and Trick 'R Treat, and handed out candy. I actually got five trick-or-treaters this year! Mostly because I told the five kids in my neighborhood that they would get lots of candy if they came because I always buy candy and no one ever comes. This seems like bribery I guess, but hey, I got five more trick-or-treaters than I ever have before! I think it was a success.

Oh and guess what! That little white pumpkin? Grown by me in a pot! Yay! I got two adorable little white pumpkin babies off my pumpkin vine and was ecstatically happy. The first time I have ever really grown something like that before and I didn't totally fail! Thanks to Miss Vanessa for all the pumpkin growing tips.

Also, that pumpkin with the big carved out bursty shape used to have something in the middle of the bursty shape, but someone very naughty *coughMalcough* ate it! It is a good thing pumpkin is good for dogs.

Okay on to Dia de los Muertos. On the actual day I made this little altar for our beloved Cuppy. It made me so happy, but also a bit teary to set it up for him. *note: The little metal praying hands I found randomly in the dirt while on a walk. Finding awesome stuff on walks is one of my favorite things.

Then on Sunday Alyssa, Katie, and I went to the procession. It is a MAJOR deal here and unlike anything I have ever been to. It was incredible and had such a unique feeling. The celebration of a parade combined with the sense of honoring lost loved ones just creates an atmosphere like nothing else, lovely.

We did makeup and costumes, the whole shebang (me on the right).

The flash didn't go off on this one, but I like it, kind of spooky.

All the pictures I took of the parade are dark and blurry so I will only share a few.

Then there was the show and finale at the end where there were performances and they lit the huge ball of offerings on fire.

There were aerial acrobatics done hanging from a crane way up in the air. It was super impressive.

All in all it was an amazing night.


  1. Looks like you had some beautiful nights!! Love the photos.

  2. Wow, so much to see here, Alia! First off, you make such a pretty Dead Girl....and that white pumpkin is porcelein perfection!!!

    What a fantastic celebration...wish they had something like that here!

  3. very cool photos!
    I love the little alter you's beautiful.
    and wow, you found those little hands? so neat!
    have a great day:)

  4. Thank you for sharing all these fun photos, Alia! I'm so glad you had a great Halloween! Your make-up job was awesome! :)