May 27, 2014

New House Tidbits: Our "Yard"

So one of the great things about our new house is there is a ton of planting space. Flowers, and veggies, and trees, hooray! There is also a large "yard" space which was obviously once lawn (the strategically placed sprinklers give it away). However, lawns and Southern Arizona don't go so well together, so now it is just a whole lotta dust.

I don't especially love dust, but guess who does? That's right, one big-eared, stumpy-legged fella named Mal.

He gets so dirty, but I can't even be mad because I mean come on, look at those eyes! It just makes me happy that it makes him happy. And he makes such a cute growly noise when he rolls around on his back. I give him a good wipe down afterward and everyone goes about their business.

Oh yeah, LC likes it too!

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PS. It is time once again for the annual Mad Tea Party over at A Fanciful Twist! Let's all tea party together!

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