May 30, 2014


If you were ever a kid then you probably watched and loved Reading Rainbow! Okay, maybe not EVER, but a lot of us did. It is a show that I enjoyed and remember fondly. Now, as an information professional, I see the importance behind the enjoyment more than I ever did before. Reading Rainbow isn't just about helping kids learn to read, it is about fostering a LOVE of reading and books in children, and I think that is a pretty dang good cause to support.

So please, lend LeVar your ears and considering donating to this kickstarter campaign. Just because they have passed their goal doesn't mean they can't use every penny they can get to support this awesome cause. And if you can't or don't want to donate, that is okay too. Maybe just consider telling your friends? Work it into an amusing anecdote at parties? Graffiti Reading Rainbow really big on various walls around town? Okay maybe not that one, but what I am trying to say is spread the word people!

One of the kickstarter rewards is the chance to hang out with LeVar and wear THE Geordi La Forge visor. Just sayin'.

Donate here!

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