June 13, 2014

Friday the 13th

 Happy Friday the 13th everyone! How 'bout that moon huh?

A full moon and Friday the 13th? Oooohhhh....

I tried to get into the spooky mood, but when it is blindingly sunny and 106 degrees out, it is a little harder than you know, when there is crisp autumn in the air (although we don't exactly get that here much either).

The moon is still lovely though. They don't call this a Honey Moon for nothing, look at that yellow glow!

I have so many moon photos of the lunar eclipse/blood moon that happened earlier this year. I will definitely share those sometime, but I think this is enough moon photos for one post!

Some shelters do special adoption events for black cats on Friday the 13th, which I think is nice. I have never understood why people want to adopt black pets less than other pets. Personally I am drawn to them the most! Don't you wish you were a cat?

Yeah, me too.

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  1. Hi Alia. I think we are indeed kindred spirits. I read your "About Your Author" section and said to myself "Self, this lady may be your spirit sister!" We have similar feelings...I can never quite figure out what my blog was about so I just gave up trying! I also love Doctor Who, tea, pirates...ok pretty much everything you mentioned. It's good to meet you (I found your through Vanessa's Halloween parties at A Fanciful Twist).

    1. Hi there, it is always nice to meet a kindred spirit! Sometimes it is nice having so many things that make you happy, but it certainly makes it difficult to have any kind of specific style. It is definitely freeing to just accept it and blog about whatever. Thanks for saying hello!

  2. Gorgeous photos of the moon, I somehow missed to marvel at it live, such a pity...